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It is our sincere intention to not only have this site be a way for 44 people to find free relief from their phobias.
Rather, much more so than that, we want this site, its free resources and the stories of these people overcoming their fears to offer every person affected by a phobia the chance to see that fears and phobias are very easily treatable… To show the world that YOU CAN BEAT YOUR PHOBIAS!!
Please take your time, read over the true stories of the people below, watch the movies of their recoveries, read our “About 44” section and review our Articles and Resources section. We intend to update all of these sections regularly as this site grows and metamorphosizes, so please also check back regularly.
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#3 – Nisha (Choking Phobia)

Picture of a man choking and holding his neck.Could you imagine a life where every bite of food you put into your mouth brought with it a feeling of sheer and utter terror? – Unfortunately for our client, Nisha, that was the life she was living.

When Nisha was a teenager, her older sister died from choking – It was believed that she suffered an allergic reaction to something that she ate and, within moments, her throat closed up, she couldn’t breathe and was gone.
Although obviously affected by the incident, Nisha managed to pick her life back up and for many years after that, she continued to live her normally productive life without any problems or fears. However, in her 30s (almost two decades later), while going through a particularly tough and stressful time, Nisha seemed to suddenly find herself absolutely terrified of choking with every bite of food she put into her mouth.

This story or suffering a severe trauma and then, months or years later, becoming affected by it is actually a fairly common occurrence. From a mental perspective, what happens is that in the moment of the trauma, your mind (in trying to protect you from the overpowering emotions you are experiencing), actually ignores your overwhelming emotions completely and puts you in a place of “pretending” that you’re okay.

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#2 – Ewy (Bird Phobia)

Poster of a woman terrorized by frightening birds - From the Alfred Hitchcock movieEwy came to see us to help alleviate her extreme phobia of birds. Although she had spent hundreds of dollars and tried many different forms of therapy in the past, her phobia had still managed to intensinfy to the point that she would often avoid going out into open spaces where birds may be around. She had become so terrorized by this fear that the thought of eating at an outdoor restaurant where a hungry bird might possibly approach the table fully stopped her from even making such arrangements.

In Ewy’s case, her phobia began with a traumatic experience in her youth. As a very young girl, Ewy very much liked birds and even thought them to be beautiful and fun to play with, but when she was 5 years old, Ewy’s pleasant feelings towards birds changed very dramatically to ones of fear and panic – all because of one very small and seemingly insignificant event…

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#1 – Esther (Spider Phobia)

Diasy - the Tarantula that helped Esther alleviate her phobia for ever!Esther contacted us to help alleviate her intense fear of spiders. Her fear was so intense that even the thought of a spider in the room left her feeling uneasy and when I asked her to focus on it for longer than just a few moments, it made her highly emotional.

In Esther’s case, her fear is what we call a “Learned Phobia”. That meaning that she never truly had any traumatic experiences concerning spiders herself, but rather she grew up in a house surrounded by people afraid of them. Because of this, she (as a child) simply learned that spiders are dangerous and fear-inspiring.

In many ways, such a phobia is harder to treat due to the fact that most of her fear was created only in her imagination based upon stories she heard and information she was fed by other phobics. As a matter of fact, her concept of spiders had made them into such fear-inspiring creatures that she imagined them having dozens of legs and other out-of-worldly (and terribly frightening) creature attributes and characteristics.

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