About 44:

What is 44phobics about? ... Why are you doing this?

Until just a few decades ago, having a phobia was simply something people had to learn to deal with or, even worse, had to change their lives around so as to avoid it at all costs.
However, with some of the amazing advances that have come about in neuro-sciences over the past years, this simply is not the case anymore.

Both of us have worked with hundreds of people with phobias in all their various degrees, forms, shapes and sizes and we have adapted and refined techniques through our personal experiences to the point that we believe that we can cure nearly any phobia and do so in as little as one session.

Given our knowledge, all the people still unnecessarily suffering from phobias and all the current misinformation out there, we decided to finally create a place where we can show as many people as possible - by putting ourselves and our reputations on the line - that there truly no longer is any good reason for someone to be phobic for even one moment longer than they choose to be.

It is our sincere hope to use this website as a way to share people's experiences and transformations as a way to show everyone out there the truth about how easily most phobias can be treated and what really is possible.


How much do you charge?

Although we typically charge about $800 to relieve a person of their phobia (depending on the complexity) and between $100 and $500 per session when working on other issues, we have created this site with the intention of offering 44 people relief from their phobias absolutely for free.

We have decided to do this, firstly, because we figured it was the best gift we had to offer to our community and, secondly, to allow us to chronicle these people's phobias and their treatment so we could make this site a resource for everyone affected by phobias - to show them what is possible.


Who are you?

Plain and simple - We are Pavel And Ori. Nothing more, nothing less.
We truly are not trying to sell ourselves as the best healers or practitioners in the world or THE ANSWER to all your problems. Rather, we are two ordinary men with some really good, very specialized knowledge about how people's minds work and with loads of experience on how to fix them when they go a bit astray.

We both live in South Florida and have thriving clinical practices working with people on concerns ranging from fears, phobias and self-confidence problems to other issues such as pain control, eradicating addictive tendencies and even eliminating allergies.
Simply put, we believe that problems or concerns, even as "deep-rooted" as a severe fear or phobia, are the result of your mind having learned a bad pattern and, more often than not, all that is needed is to teach your mind a better, more productive, way to respond.


What are the criteria for being part of the 44?

To be part of the 44, we are looking for people with phobias (of any degree) and, preferably, with no complications attached to them such as panic attacks or depression. However, we will review every case separately and will happily discuss with you personally whether or not you are eligible.
So, please fill in your information in the "Become One Of The 44" section located on the side of the page if you would like to have us contact you regarding your eligibility.

Also, due to the fact that we are offering this as a completely free service to people and because all the relevant website expenses, documentary expenses, etc. will fall upon us, we are limiting our list of potential candidates to people in the South-Florida region.
If you are out of this region and would like help though, we may be able to either refer you to a capable practitioner in your area or we could organize to include you as one of the 44, but we will request to be reimbursed for any related travel and incidental expenses. So, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to get you the help you need.