A simple and powerful technique to quickly gain control over ANY fear or phobia

Fear, if allowed free rein, would reduce all of us to trembling shadows of men, for whom only death could bring release.

– John Wilson

Nothing can shrink the world around you more-so than intense fear. I remember a client of mine with a bee phobia so intense that she ended up having to lock herself inside her own house just to feel protected. Or another client whose claustrophobia had reached such epic proportions that travelling by any means – whether by a plane, train, car, bus or even elevator – was such an ordeal that it required hours (if not days) of preparation and a severe over-dose of tranquilizers just to make it bearable.

The point is that phobias, if not properly treated, can make mice out of men and absolute mountains out of mole-hills. But even more importantly, given all the recent advances in psychology and human-brain research, phobia treatment has reached the point where most people’s phobias can be treated and cured in less time than it takes to even watch a scary movie.
In this article, I intend to share with you some techniques that have worked for thousands of people in helping them re-gain some form of control over their fears. Do not, in any way, let the simplicity of these techniques fool you – they are based solidly on extensive psychological research and they do work if you are willing to try them.

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Self-talk and the importance of learning to forgive and understand yourself

Last week, my girlfriend’s entire week was consumed with babysitting her two year old nephew while her sister in law was in the hospital giving birth. One day that week, she told me how her nephew fell down from trying to climb up something tall and, as is usually the case when you’re busy taking care of someone else’s child, he used his face to break the fall.
Thank god, nothing serious happened aside from a small bruise on his face, but the part that intrigued me was her telling me how she knew something serious had happened because of the way he was crying – Apparently, she can hear the difference between an “I’m unhappy” cry and a “Something is seriously wrong” cry… This still blows my mind!

Either way, this brings me to the point of this article…
It’s amazing how most people with intense phobias have a tape going on in their minds saying something along the lines of “This is SO stupid! I’m a grown man / woman and I can’t even look out of a darned window / be around a dog / sit in an airplane without freaking out … What’s wrong with me!?”

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“Courage is not the towering oak that sees storms come and go, It is the fragile blossom that opens in the snow.”

– Alice MacKenzie Swaim

Why I am SURE your phobias CAN be cured

Why I’m sure your phobias CAN be cured.

August 26th, 2008… I remember that day well. That was the day I ALMOST developed a bridge phobia.
My whole family woke up at 4:30 in the morning and there was a terrible rushing around the house to make sure everything was in order.
Laptops – Check ; Snacks – Check ; Warm Clothes – Check. We had to make sure we had everything we would need for the 6-hour wait in that terrible hospital family waiting area while my sister underwent her surgery. Of course she was as calm as could be – What did she have to do besides go to sleep for 6-hours?… I couldn’t say the same for my mom, though. She was trying to hide her nerves, but she was definitely more on-edge and excitable than your average mother hen. And, of course, trying to be strong for my family, I was trying to make the whole situation light-hearted and trying to distract everyone from any possible negative thoughts that may arise.
We get down to the car, pack it up and my father hands me the car keys – as he always does because he hates driving while its dark… No problem! – After all, I love driving and it’ll give me something to keep my mind on for the hour-long drive down to the hospital in Miami Beach.
So, we begin our drive down the I-95 freeway and all’s going great. No traffic this early in the morning. We’re all talking and trying to hide our inner-anxieties from each other.
THEN the darndest thing happens…

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