#1 – Esther (Spider Phobia)

Diasy - the Tarantula that helped Esther alleviate her phobia for ever!Esther contacted us to help alleviate her intense fear of spiders. Her fear was so intense that even the thought of a spider in the room left her feeling uneasy and when I asked her to focus on it for longer than just a few moments, it made her highly emotional.

In Esther’s case, her fear is what we call a “Learned Phobia”. That meaning that she never truly had any traumatic experiences concerning spiders herself, but rather she grew up in a house surrounded by people afraid of them. Because of this, she (as a child) simply learned that spiders are dangerous and fear-inspiring.

In many ways, such a phobia is harder to treat due to the fact that most of her fear was created only in her imagination based upon stories she heard and information she was fed by other phobics. As a matter of fact, her concept of spiders had made them into such fear-inspiring creatures that she imagined them having dozens of legs and other out-of-worldly (and terribly frightening) creature attributes and characteristics.
The point here is that she, having learned that spiders are scary at such a young age, became a victim to her childhood imaginings and was SO intensely afraid of spiders that she never got a chance to consider or study them to banish the misconceptions her mind had created.

Once I had become aware of how she manifested this phobia, I took her through a set of processes – Firstly, teaching her how to control her emotions and to get out of her mind’s terrible imaginings, then, under hypnosis had her begin to use her imagination to re-teach the young girl within her that spiders are simply animals and are not in and of themselves scary. Once her mind managed to conceive that, we then slowly re-taught her mind how to handle the shock of ever seeing a spider and, finally, I created within her a strong sense of comfort and had her attach that feeling to the thought of seeing a spider – In essence, re-programming the mind to have a different emotional response from that point forth.

Finally, once the session was complete, we had Esther meet up with “Daisy” a roughly 5-inch diameter pink-haired tarantula. We did a few finishing-touches on the work, eliminating her fears in the presence of such a large spider. All within 2 hours, Esther had moved from a person severely affected by a paralyzing phobia all the way to a strong, confident woman – fully and completely in her power and comfortable in the presence of a spider large enough to make for a house-pet.

The best part, though, is not Esther having found relief from her spider phobia.
More so, it is her now having a wonderful new perspective of being able to change a life-long fear in a matter of minutes and re-connecting with her inner confidence – THAT is the true gift she gave herself that day that will guarantee to change her future forever-more!

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