#3 – Nisha (Choking Phobia)

Picture of a man choking and holding his neck.Could you imagine a life where every bite of food you put into your mouth brought with it a feeling of sheer and utter terror? – Unfortunately for our client, Nisha, that was the life she was living.

When Nisha was a teenager, her older sister died from choking – It was believed that she suffered an allergic reaction to something that she ate and, within moments, her throat closed up, she couldn’t breathe and was gone.
Although obviously affected by the incident, Nisha managed to pick her life back up and for many years after that, she continued to live her normally productive life without any problems or fears. However, in her 30s (almost two decades later), while going through a particularly tough and stressful time, Nisha seemed to suddenly find herself absolutely terrified of choking with every bite of food she put into her mouth.

This story or suffering a severe trauma and then, months or years later, becoming affected by it is actually a fairly common occurrence. From a mental perspective, what happens is that in the moment of the trauma, your mind (in trying to protect you from the overpowering emotions you are experiencing), actually ignores your overwhelming emotions completely and puts you in a place of “pretending” that you’re okay.

However, when we fast-forward this scenario a few months or years we see the rest of this story… At some point in time, a situation comes about which, on some level, reminds you of the original traumatic incident and your body – still not having dealt with the old emotions – remembers the original trauma and brings back all of the intense feelings all at once. For most people, this hits them like a ton of bricks – They are often doing just fine and then, out of (seemingly) nowhere, your whole world comes crashing down around you and you have no idea why. In Nisha’s case, she went from feeling just fine and competent to being severely phobic and constantly anxious in almost an instant and, to her it all seemed to make no sense what was going on or why it was happening.

Understanding that, my work with Nisha was on 3 levels. Firstly, I worked with her to properly release and integrate in the pent-up thoughts and feelings she had been storing in her body ever since she was a teenager.
Once I could see that she had managed to properly release these terrible emotions once and for all, the next step was to teach her mind how to break the current-day associations she had created in her mind of attaching a feeling of fear to eating food.
Then, finally, once we had her able to feel better and no longer afraid, we had to properly lock in the changes so there would be no way she could go back to ever feeling that fear ever again… We did this by having her feel a very strong sense of power and control in her life and to have her mind see her feeling that way all the way into her future.

It was amazing seeing Nisha once we were done with our session – She was undoubtedly a completely different person. Having helped her finally feel strong and confident and especially having helped her feel like these feelings were going to be there forevermore, she finally felt like she was back in control not only of food, but of her life!
It was an absolute pleasure working with Nisha – Not only because of knowing how wonderful a shift releasing this phobia will create in her life, but more-so because it truly warmed our hearts knowing that this woman had finally managed to move past such a terrible trauma and now, for Nisha, only the sky is the limit!

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